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Understanding Metronome

Metronome helps software companies launch, iterate, and scale their business models through a billing infrastructure that works at any size and stage.

a diagram showing a pipeline of event ingestion, billable metric aggregation, pricing, and invoicing

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How Metronome works
Get a big picture overview of the Metronome platform, key components, and how Metronome is the source of truth for your billing.
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Releasing products
Follow end-to-end guidance for how to define, manage, and implement Metronome's pricing and packaging to release your products.
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Keeping your data secure
Learn how Metronome keeps your data safe through our security-first system architecture and internal procedures.
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Explore our guides

finance + operations


Automate order-to-cash flows and get the most out of your data with integrations for accounting, quoting, and invoicing platforms, like Stripe, AWS Marketplace, and Salesforce.
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Using the API

Learn how to get started with the API to set up Metronome as your single source of truth for data, integrate our billing platform into your application and business systems, and configure webhooks.
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security + engineering

Security and compliance

Explore guides to learn about our security-driven design principles and how to utilize SSO, RBAC policies, and audit logs.
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finance + operations

Reporting for finance teams

Use your critical business systems with Metronome's auditable and ledger-backed data for accurate, compliant, and secure accounting and reporting.
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See Metronome in action

Metronome helps companies accelerate their revenue by streamlining billing workflows and enabling teams to make pricing changes in minutes, not months.

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