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Configure trials

Trials allow customers to evaluate your product for free before committing financially.

A trial results in a trial invoice, issued at the end of the trial period. This is true even if the trial extends beyond the length of a typical billing period (for example, a 60-day trial on a plan that's billed monthly).

A trial precedes the normal terms of a plan. For example, a trial applies before volume pricing or credit usage.

Create trials

Specify terms for a default trial in your plans. A default trial period is applied to each customer using that plan. This happens during the plan creation wizard (Plans > Add new plan). During this flow, you can set the terms of a trial in two ways:

  • Length: For example, a 14-day trial. If no spending cap is specified, the full amount of the trial invoice is subtracted, leaving the customer with a $0 total.
  • Price cap (optional): For example, a 14-day $500 trial means a customer receives a trial invoice after 14 days with an adjustment removing up to $500 from their total due.

Add or edit trials per customer

Whether or not you've built a default trial into a plan, you can add or edit trial terms on a per-customer basis. Do this in the Metronome app:

  1. Click on the Plans tab when viewing an individual customer.
  2. Choose Add trial or Edit trial from the settings menu.

a screenshot showing the "add trial" menu item

You may add or edit a trial as long as the customer hasn't received a finalized invoice. This allows for extending a trial if a customer needs more time, or ending a trial for a customer who signed a long-term contract.

View trial status

View the remaining time and spending allowed in an active trial in the Metronome app when viewing a customer's plans. The same information is available programmatically through the listCustomerPlans endpoint.

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