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How contracts work

Metronome supports billing by contract, an alternative to the plan-based billing mechanism. Contracts provide for a fast and flexible billing experience. Provision your customers quickly. Manage your products and pricing seamlessly, on exacting schedules.

Contracts are the preferred billing solution to:

  • Launch new products to the right customers in seconds
  • Schedule pricing and packaging changes to take effect on your timeline
  • Swap out billable metrics on the fly
  • Automate calculations and billing for renewal rollovers, true-up scenarios, and other one-off adjustments
  • Support dynamic billing vendor selection (for example, Stripe and NetSuite)

In Metronome, configuring contracts involves:

  1. Creating products that represent invoice charges
  2. Defining default pricing and availability on a rate card
  3. Finalizing all products, rates, and commmits when putting a customer on a contract
Works with CRM and CPQ systems

Contracts are designed from the ground up to work with your existing CRM or CPQ system. This means you can create a contract in Salesforce and then implement it in Metronome.

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