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Create rate cards

Rate cards establish the default product prices and availability, which can be tweaked on a per-contract basis. Rate cards only apply to usage-based, composite, and subscription products; prices on fixed products are set directly on the contract.

Much of the customer experience on a contract is dictated by rate cards. With rate cards you can:

  • Launch new products
  • Deprecate existing products
  • Update pricing at specific dates
Designing rate cards

Rate cards in Metronome are flexible. They can be altered when creating a contract, edited later, and even adjustable on a schedule. Default to using a smaller number of rate cards, making most changes on a per-contract basis.

Your company may already have defined rate cards you can replicate in Metronome.

Create rate cards

To create rate cards in the Metronome app, go to Pricing & Packaging -> Contract pricing -> Rate cards -> click Add new rate card:

  1. Give the rate card an internally meaningful name and optional description. (Neither is seen by a customer.)
  2. Click Add rate.
  3. In the resulting modal, select a product. This can be a usage-based, composite, or subscription product.
  4. Enter the starting date for the rate.
  5. If the rate phases out, enter the ending date.
  6. Select the entitlement. This dictates the default availability of the product.
  7. For usage-based products, select a pricing model. Flat or tiered pricing is supported.
  8. Enter the rate.
  9. Click Add another to repeat for additional products on the rate card.
  10. Click Add to add the final product.
  11. Click Save to create the completed rate card.

After creating a rate card, assign a contract to a customer.

Common use cases

Rate cards easily represent common billing use cases.

Staggered pricing

To create products with different pricing over time, add multiple of the same product to the rate card. For example, to increase the price of a product on January 1, enter the original price with an ending before date of January 1. Then add another of the same product, with the increased price, with a starting at date of January 1.

Beta launches

Launch a new product in beta by adding the product to a rate card but disabling its entitlement. This makes the product unavailable to all customers by default. When creating or editing a contract, enable the product on a per-customer basis.

Update rate cards

You can update rate cards to launch a new product or change the base rate. Such updates affect all customers on the rate card. This means you can launch new products without ending, editing, or swapping contracts.

Additional rate card changes, including those that impact billed amounts, can be changed on a per-contract basis.

To update rate cards in the Metronome app, go to Pricing & Packaging -> Contract pricing -> Rate cards:

  1. Click on the rate card to edit.
  2. On the product details page, click the ellipses in the upper-right corner, then select Edit rate card.
  3. On the resulting page, click Add rate.
  4. In the resulting modal, select the product to add, and then configure the product rate in the resulting window.
  5. Click Add to add the product to the rate card.
  6. Click Save to save the changes to the rate card.

When you add a product, with entitlement enabled, to a rate card, every contract that references the rate card begins billing for that product. If you add a product with a starting at date, every contract that references the rate card begins billing for that product on that date.

To change the base rate for a product, override the current rate by adding a new rate for the same product.

Change product order

You can change the order of products on a rate card, which changes the order of products on the customer's invoice.

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