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(Beta) Invoicing with QuickBooks Online

Metronome's QuickBooks integration enables Metronome to pass usage aggregation and pricing to QuickBooks invoices. You can learn more about QuickBooks here.


QuickBooks integration early access program

To set up the QuickBooks integration, please contact your Metronome representative.

To enable the Metronome-to-QuickBooks integration, you will need to:

  • Contact growth representative to request QuickBooks integration access
  • Access to your QuickBooks account
  • Access to your Metronome account

1. Configure QuickBooks integration

Metronome uses Workato (an iPaaS solution) to handle the integration between Metronome and QuickBooks. The current integration supports sending invoices from Metronome to QuickBooks after they've been finalized in Metronome.

To enable the integration, you will need to access the embedded Workato portal which is accessible via the General Settings > Integrations tab > QuickBooks configure button.

After entering the Workato portal, you will need to authenticate Workato to connect to both Metronome and QuickBooks.

Authenticate Metronome:

  • In the Metronome app, create a new Metronome API key
  • In Workato, navigate to the Connections tab and click on the Metronome connection (Sandbox or Production)
  • Enter the API key generated in step 1
  • Click Connect to complete the authentication

Authenticate QuickBooks:

  • In Workato, navigate to the Connections tab and click on the QuickBooks connection (Sandbox or Production)
  • Configure the connection by entering "QuickBooks" for name, selecting "Connections" for Location, and selecting Yes/No for Sandbox depending on environment
  • Click connect to QuickBooks to trigger the QuickBooks authentication flow
  • Complete the authentication steps by logging into your QuickBooks account

You can find more detailed instructions for authenticating QuickBooks in Workato here.

2. Enable the QuickBooks integration

After completing the steps outlined above to configure the QuickBooks integration, you will need to enable the Workato Recipes to start listening for finalized invoices from Metronome and sending them to QuickBooks.

On the recipes tab, you will see recipes for both production and sandbox environments. Note that there are multiple recipes for each integration and that all recipes need to be enabled for the integration to work. To enable the recipes, simply click on the 3-dot overflow menu button for each recipe and click "Start recipe." We recommend starting with the Sandbox recipes and completing end to end testing before enabling the Production recipes.

3. Provision customers in Metronome

To ensure that Metronome sends the correct invoice to the correct customer, you will need to add the unique QuickBooks customer identifier to each customer record in Metronome using custom fields. Most clients handle the creation of customer and custom fields using the Metronome API. Learn more about creating and updating custom fields here.

Prior to provisioning customers in Metronome, you will need to create a new custom field to capture the relevant QuickBooks customer id for each customer in Metronome. To create the custom field, navigate to General Settings > Custom Fields, click on Add New Field Key, select Customer as the entity, and input internal_entity_id for the key. Note you only need to do this once.

Follow these steps to correctly provision your customers in Metronome using custom fields. Note that the same steps can be completed using the API.

  1. Find the QuickBooks customer id: In your QuickBooks portal search for your customer in the Customers & leads tab and record the customer id which can be found in the URL (for ex. if you see ?nameid=4 the customer id is 4)
  2. Create or find customer: In Metronome, navigate to the Customers tab and either create a new customer or search for an existing customer (Create customer API docs)
  3. Set custom field value on customer record: In Metronome, navigate to the customer's page, click on Settings, click the Manage custom fields button, click Set Custom Field, select the internal_entity_id field and enter the QuickBooks customer id captured earlier (Set custom field values API docs)

4. Invoice customers (automatic)

With a customer fully provisioned, invoices will be sent to QuickBooks as a new invoice at the end of each billing period. The integration checks for new invoices hourly. By default $0 invoices and $0 line items won't be sent to QuickBooks.

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