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Connect with Metronome via Workato, an IPAAS solution.

Set up the Metronome Workato Connector

Our clients commonly use the IPAAS system Workato to build integrations with Metronome. These integrations enable a variety of workflows, such as:

  • Invoicing via third-party billing systems
  • Customer and contract provisioning
  • Much more!

To enable these integration patterns, Metronome has invested in building a Workato "connector". This connector acts similary to a SDK, enabling users in Workato to perform actions on Metronome endpoints. Complete the following steps to set up a connection to your Metronome environment:

  1. Install the connector here.
  2. Generate an API token in Metronome. See API Authorization for instructions.
  3. Create a new connection in Workato and paste the API token in the appropriate field.
  4. This connection will now be available to use in new recipes!
Metronome Environments

Please note that a unique connection will need to be made for each Metronome environment you wish to connect to.

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