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Salesforce integration

Metronome's out-of-the-box Salesforce integration allows you to easily link Metronome data to existing accounts in Salesforce. This integration gives customer-facing teams up-to-date data to turn self-serve customers into sales opportunities, drive upsell and cross-sell conversations, and understand customer engagement and adoption.

Salesforce integration early access program

To set up a Salesforce integration, please contact your Metronome representative.

Salesforce integration versions

Metronome provides two active versions of the Salesforce integration: v1 and v2. All new clients are onboarded to the v2 package. For existing customers leveraging the v1 package, please reach out to your Metronome to discuss upgrading.

Data sync

After installing the integration into your Salesforce environment, the following customer data is updated each day:

  • Finalized invoices and line items
  • Current draft invoice
  • Current and historical plan(s)
  • Billable metrics
  • Credit grants
  • Metronome customers (in v2)
  • Ingest aliases (in v2)
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